Writing Workout


I have the bad habit of breaking promises to myself. I tell myself that I’m going to spend an hour a day writing (hey, that’s what all the writing articles say to do), and I keep my promise for all of a week. Then something happens…a TV movie, a need to paint my toe nails, a Sudoku puzzle that desperately requires solving.

So, I’m going to start my new writing workout regime on a little slower note. 250 word blogs three times a week (hey, I don’t want to pull a writing muscle). Maybe a little public humiliation if I don’t live up to my promise will spur me on. 

Now the big question is what’s going to take up those 250. New stories? Edits of older pieces? Your suggestions are all welcome.

I will try my best to use contractions…even on tough days. Changing contractions to their composite words was probably my biggest cheat when I did NaNoWriMo. Ah, purple prose. 

My boyfriend took one of my NaNoWriMo novels and ran it through his computer’s voice software. I’m sure he thought this was a cool thing to do — something that would make me smile when I heard all those beautiful words that I’d written finally spoken aloud. But, as the computer voice Vicki (I think) haltingly read my purplest of purple prose (because all verbs need at least two adverbs), I stormed in from the other room, demanding to know who this horrible writer was and why they were allowed to butcher the English language like that. Oh, how my boyfriend laughed, thinking I knew that I was the writer. I didn’t. Instead, I only became angrier when he refused to tell me. The story is rather anti-climatic. No shouting match occurred. No one was forced to sleep on the couch or was tossed out onto the street (followed by their jeans and toothbrush). When he finally told me, I didn’t cry, probably because I was too mortified and was in shock at the badness. But I did learn to edit a little bit more zealously. But I learned to edit more zealously. And since the boyfriend became the husband, all’s well that ends well.

Next post, I’ll use less ().


2 thoughts on “Writing Workout

  1. Jackie

    This is a promising start. I really enjoyed the anecdote about the computer reading your Nano piece.

    I’d like to see a mix of new and old pieces on the blog. Forcing yourself to create a story in 250 words or less will be a huge challenge, but it might be too much to undertake three days a week, so maybe you could mix in some revisions to older pieces to give yourself a break. Show us before and afters so we can see the changes.

    Anyway, I’ll be reading!

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