Gulp, I’m already slipping from my 3 posts a week. I did spend more time on my actual writing (well, editing that writing), so hopefully I’ll be forgiven.

To do: write review


I write book reviews for NovelSpot (check out NovelSpot’s website or visit NovelSpot on Facebook) and I’m having a hard time writing my latest review. in fact, I’m late. It’s not fair to the author or to the site. I know I have to sit down and do it, but everything keeps getting in the way: my own story, the TV, exercising, cleaning the bathroom…so what’s wrong? Why can’t I just do it? 


It’s a good book. While it’s not a mind blowing book that changes everything, it is a beautifully told story that I really enjoyed. And I think that’s the problem. It’s easy for me to write a review of books I didn’t like because, well, it’s so much easier to complain, isn’t it?


I want to say that this is a quiet story. Even though, I enjoy quiet stories, I know that will come across as boring. It’s not an action adventure, so so explosions or car chases. It’s about life: how the past shapes the present and how learning from or about the past shapes our future if only we take control. 


So, what makes for a good book review?


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