Shit! I’m doing it again. I was on a roll. Clipping along on my editing. I was proud and excited. Despite my pouting and complaining, I could see the story coming together. Sure there was still work to be done, but I could see it, feel it, taste it.

And then, horror: I got an idea for another story. An idea so intriguing that I feel the need to turn all my attention to it and leave Julia behind, only halfway edited, perhaps to be buried in a drawer and forgotten until this brilliant idea dims.

Why can’t I concentrate on one thing at a time? Why do I feel the need to drop something in mid-upward momentum? Arg!

I’m like the dogs in Up! Easily distracted to the point of my downfall.


2 thoughts on “Squirrel!

  1. Jackie

    I don’t think your distraction has to contribute to your downfall! Try to allow yourself to work on both — split your writing time so Julia gets half and this new, exciting prospect gets half, too. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

    Good luck!

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