Two Tissues


I’m so proud of myself…so I’m going to gloat a little.

After all my bitching and moaning about too much mourning in the Julia story, I took a section to my writer’s group to see what they thought. The room was hushed, except for the sound of sniffles.

One person shared that, after the deaths of her parents, she reacted much the same way as Julia’s mom. Her reaction felt right. 

Another person suggested bigger sobs from the mother, but mom’s restrained reaction was instantly defended by two people.

The instructor went through two tissues! Two!

Everyone in the room was sad-faced and I had a giant grin on mine. I had done it! I wanted sadness and empathy and I had gotten it. My characters weren’t moping, they were real with real reactions!

I might institute a rating system for my pieces from now on…how many tissues were used? Or a tissue per page ratio…


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