Olde Tyme Wacom'ing by Pheezy <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Olde Tyme Wacom’ing by Pheezy

When I was a child, I wrote with pen on paper. When I became a woman, I put away childish things and started writing on a computer (apologies to 1 Corinthians 13:11).

I used to stare at the glowing orange letters on the black screen (yes, I’m that old) and become paralyzed. There was no way I would ever be able to compose on a computer. I’d have to write longhand, then transfer it all to the computer (so I could then print and snail mail for publication…stop laughing!). I mean, I couldn’t even make edits on the computer…the black abyss just sucked out all my creativity. I  figured I’d have to print out a draft using our dot matrix, edit on paper, then re-enter my changes forever. The process was tedious, but it was the only way.

About a year later, I found myself staring at a blank piece of paper and becoming paralyzed. I just couldn’t think in front of a piece of dead wood. I needed the glowing letters and blinking cursor to spur me on.

And so it has been through the evolution to white backgrounds and black type, to laptops, to laser printers.

This weekend, I unplugged. It was going to be a busy weekend of family and friends with no writing time…except on the 7 hours drive (each way). I bit the bullet and left my computer at home. After getting over the shakes, I sat in thought, watching the corn fields fly by. And as I thought, not staring at paper or screen, the story started unfolding. All the mistakes I’d made were clear, things I’d been wavering on obvious.

Now, how best to capture this illumination? It seems that, every few decades, I need to switch of media .

PS I wrote this before finding the Pheezy’s picture…but how perfect!


6 thoughts on “Media

  1. Emily

    I remember that computer – and Type Trek… and my first ‘paper’ in 6th grade. Mom and I printed it out, then cut the paragraphs apart, so we could “arrange” them in the best order…

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