Pipe Dreams

For Pipe Smokers Only by ifyr <div xmlns:cc="http://creativecommons.org/ns#" about="http://www.flickr.com/photos/ifyr/140360448/"><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=/dt>
For Pipe SmokersOnly by ifyr

I’m a horrible picture-taker, so horrible that I won’t even entertain the word photographer.

Recently, I took a camera to a friend reunion so I could get some pics to post for family and friends who weren’t there.  After taking a few of my friend and few more of her 2-year-old daughter, I put the camera away. And, just moments later, was chastised for missing the opportunity of the perfect shot: the 2-year-old trying to fit two large spoonfuls of food into her mouth at once…I’m fairly certain you’ve seen renditions of this photo before (perhaps in your own baby book). I was shamed into pulling out the camera again, but all of my shots fell short.

I could say that I prefer to live in the moment rather than document it, but really I’m just too lazy to cart around a camera, waiting for the perfect picture, and I’m too oblivious of what makes a well composed shot.

But today, I wish that I did carry around a camera. While walking from the train to work, I spotted the perfect character. I don’t have a place for him yet, but I know he’ll pop up somewhere.

Taller than me by a head or so, the man wore black flood-length pants, dazzlingly white socks and worn black slip-on shoes. He had on a sage green button down shirt and a black polar fleece vest. To top off the look, he wore his newsboy cap at a jaunty angle and was smoking a pipe.

That’s right, a pipe.

9 a.m. on a Chicago city street, mixed in with business suits and wheelie briefcases, a man smoking a pipe. I’ve painted my memory of him with a mustache a la Jamie from MythBusters, but I’m pretty sure that’s a false memory. I’ve seen quite a few people hurry to and from work with a cigarette pinched between their fingers, but never a pipe.

His name is Michael and he’s an academic: perhaps English, perhaps history or sociology. He likes tame adventures…like exploring a big city vs hiking in the Amazon. He’s not flighty, but he’s very focused on the task at hand. He’s a nice guy who assumes others are nice as well.

What? That’s who I saw…did my physical description of him put a different man into your head? Tell me.

Update: Perhaps a theme for the week. Stumbled upon the blog True Stories, Honest Lies. Here’s a great post for possible prompts…and check out the link to keeking. Awesome.


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