The Archetypal Heroes


The archetypal heroes…er writers:

Superhero in Transit by jmv <div><a el="cc:attributionURL" href=

Superhero in Transit by jmv

This article from College Humor groups those people in your writing class into 5 types:

1) Person who doesn’t understand the word “fiction”

2) Person who understands one literary device

3) Person who loves everything

4) Girl who incorporates rape in every story

5) Guy who uses the class to write his ideal Vin Diesel movie

It’s been a while since I’ve been walked any hallowed halls, and my memory is a bit fuzzy but most of the types ring fairly true. Luckily, I don’t remember type 4. Vin Diesel was just coming into his own as I was leaving campus, but I agree with the machismo behind type 5.

The two types that are missing for me are the Pot Heads and Avant Garde writers. Sometimes the two overlapped.

6) The Pot Heads (for some reason, they were more plentiful in my screenwriting class), only wrote stories about smoking up. Nothing happened. Except, of course, people smoking up. A bean bag chair was usually involved.

7) The Avant Garde stories never went anywhere. No plot advancement. No character development. But they were all SO meaningful.

I am deathly afraid that I fell into camp 7 too often.

Comparing this to my writing group, I think we’ve weeded out a few types. Mainly 4 and 6.

So, what types are we missing?


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