Mathletes and Poets Unite


Love is like maths poem <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Love is Like Maths* by blmurch

I was flipping through my Writer’s Digest on the train when I came across fibs, Fibonacci poems. I’ve dabbled in poems before (my Ode to an Exclamation Mark not one of the finder dabbles), so I thought I’d give this a shot.

Line 1 = 1 syllable
Line 2 = 1 syllable
Line 3 = 2 syllables
Line 4 = 3 syllables
Line 5 = 5 syllables
Line 6 = 8 syllables

ice cream
with salty
french fried potato
perfect end to a perfect meal
OK, after that stunning work of art, it’s your turn.

*Love is like mathematics
+ love – hate ÷ two (people) x (for) all life


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