Crappy Day — This Made Me Smile*


I had a crappy day and then I found a link I’d been hording until I could think of a good post. Well, still can’t think of a good post, but reading “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script” by Josh Olson made me smile. Thanks to Editorial Anonymous for linking to this.

As Mr. Olson was describing the synopsis he shouldn’t have agreed to read, I was cringing. I would think (hope) that even my writing group would have ripped the synopsis a new one.

On page two, there’s a quiz of sorts. And I pass. Very exciting.

*I may be a bit warped.


One thought on “Crappy Day — This Made Me Smile*

  1. Emily

    That was fun! And I completely understand – there is a fine, fine line between asking a friend for advice and using an acquaintance.

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