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by Milnivri
CC BY 2.0

Love TV? Love a good cause? Wanna mesh the two? Here’s your chance:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s VolunTV Challenge

Write a pitch (or shoot a video pitch) for how to write your favorite philanthropy into your favorite TV show.

I’m certainly intrigued. Not sure if the October 26th deadline is an incentive or hinderance. Anyone else up for the challenge?

UPDATE: I’ve got to expand my viewing habits. Thinking about the shows I watch and how to incorporate a charity isn’t boding very well for the charity. Since I am restricted to a diet of cop dramas, all I’m thinking about is who to kill, how to kill them and who does the deed. I’ll also throw in a dose of why for good measure, but I’m not sure the charity/charity’s client as murder is really the best way to go.


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