What’s in a Name 2

No Name Road by NatalieMaynor

No Name Road by NatalieMaynor http://www.flickr.com/photos/nataliemaynor/ / CC BY 2.0

Pondering names again. This time, I’m less concerned with how the narrator refers to characters. This time, I’m more concerned with homage names. I’m batting an idea around for NaNo and instead of worrying about silly little things like the plot trajectory, I’m focusing on the all important name of the main character.

Assuming that I actually stick with this idea come November 1, I’m going to take a well known character our of her element…play a little what if. What if she didn’t follow the trajectory of her show? What if she got out while she could? Where would she be? Turns out, I think she’d be an alcoholic, but focus, focus.

What do I name her? So far, I’m juggling a few ideas. I could use her initials…which makes me think of when my high school English teachers asked why the character had the puzzling initials of JC. Or, I could use an anagram. Or I could just name her whatever I want and not worry about it.


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