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To be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. I feel I’ve been slacking off in that department lately. Except for a recent binge where I read five books in three weeks, I’ve been averaging maybe a book a month. How miserable! I’ve started a couple and tossed them aside (something that would have appalled me even a year ago) with no backup read in place. My attention has been wandering. *sigh*

Then I read this article online at The New York Times and my sighing got even deeper and more mournful. Nina Sankovitch is almost finished with an experiment to read a book a day for a year. A BOOK A DAY FOR A YEAR!

Just when I’m starting to pull my hair out because I don’t have a plot (or a character who will listen to me) and I’m about to force myself to write 2000 words a day for NaNo, along comes this unspoken challenge.

Granted, Ms. Sankovitch suggests trying a book a week. However, I feel the need to go wallow in all the things I’m not doing.


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