This is awesome. Thanks to Vicki for forwarding this link to designer Jessica Hische’s typographically cool Daily Drop Cap Web site. Her goal is to beautiful blog posts one letter at a time. I’m certainly game! Now my blog can be like a mod Book of Kells.

And I’m just like a kid; the first thing I checked was to see if my initials were already created. They were. Sweet. And my first initial is pretty damn awesome.

Whenever I get a new calendar, the first thing I check is the picture for my birth month, and I’m always disappointed…it’s like my month got the “eh, I guess we have to pick a 12th” picture. Not sure how I made the leap from calendars to typography, but I was so excited when I saw today’s letter (T), that I was afraid C would suffer (“eh, who actually uses the letter C anyway?”)…but no! The C is strong!

For further exploration of my typo-geek-ness, see here.



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