Flights of Fancy Hors d’Oeuvres

Cake Pen by Frank Wales <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Cake Pen by Frank Wales
CC BY 2.0

So here we are, less than 24 hours from NaNo. And almost 31 days before you get to stop hearing me worry about it (will I/won’t I, what will I write). Was that a squeal of glee I heard?

Julia has been put on hold for NaNo…and while I bug my social worker friend with questions. I might ask the NaNo boards for help even though they’re supposed to be used for current NaNo pieces. But, really, why bog down my current NaNo with facts? That just seems silly.

I’m not sure if it’s something in the air or the fact that I’m moving on to a new story that’s tricking my brain into thinking Julia‘s complete, but I’m starting the fantasy stage: imagining the feeling of getting that call from an agent, holding the hardcover in my hands, going on tour.

Everything I’ve read about book promotions lays bare how difficult it is. I know I’ll have to do signings  where no one shows up and sleep on friends couches in far away cities while popping into bookstores in the area just to sign a few copies. But I let my imagination go free a little bit and started to come up with the thank you for coming speech for when I was in my social worker friend’s city.

As the scene started, there was a room full of excited people and I was going to read a section of the book (I managed to ignore the fact that the idea of reading out loud makes me nauseous). But as the scene developed, The crown shrunk to only two friends and their husbands. Wow, can I dream the dream or what?

All this was on the train to work…so it was pre-coffee. I blame it on slowly waking up throughout the dream.

Then I come home and watch a little Hulu. I’ve never seen Castle before, but my friend said I would like it. It’s an author/cop drama. Murder, mystery and a character who goes off about the misuse of the word ironic…what’s not to like?

In one of the episodes there is an author party: fancy hors d’oeuvres, glitzy formal wear, paparazzi. I struggled between the “oooh” factor and the “remember, this will never happen” talk.

Especially, if I don’t finish. So, I have a few more hours to work on Julia before she goes on a month-long vacation.


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