And the NaNo begins

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by Rubber Slippers in Italy
CC BY 2.0

NaNo has started! I was up at midnight, jumping right in. Hit almost 2000 words in a few hours, got tired and went to bed. I dabbled a little in the afternoon before the Kickoff Party and was able to push it to just over 2000, but realized that I had already run out of steam!

Everything I knew about the story was out in the open. But it has to be for the story to progress. My problem is I don’t know where it’s progressing to. Basically, I had an opening scene, not a story in mind, when I started. This is going to make for a long month!

I have a great character and an general shape of an idea of what’s to happen: current murder is connected to older murder of MC (main character)’s loved one. It’s a two-fer. Solve one, solve both! Except, writing murders, I assume, works better when you work backwards. I don’t know who did it, or why, or how. I just found out (one of the joys of writing spontaneously in NaNo) that although the body has a execution style bullet wound in his forehead, that was done post mortem (stupid Dr. Ian Woon, coroner!).

I don’t like entering NaNo when I don’t know where I’m headed. I don’t need an outline, just a general direction. When I wrote Julia for NaNo, I knew the ending and I did great. The other NaNos I’ve done, I haven’t known anything going in and they’ve failed.

Outside of NaNo, I’m more forgiving. It’s OK to just have a character and play around. Maybe something materializes, maybe nothing does. But this deadline is killer (bu-dump-bump).

And this story is a mystery. There’s a reason I haven’t written one in prose form. They’re hard. How can I lay clues if I don’t know the end?   And, seriously, who did it? I really want to know.

As of this posting 2693 down, 47307 to go.


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