Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Mary-Sue

Ketchup Character by Heart of Oak <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Ketchup Character by Heart of Oak
CC BY 2.0

Thanks to the NaNo forums, I now know what a Mary-Sue is: a ridiculously idealized character, mainly found in fan fiction. And thanks to this Mary-Sue quiz, I now know my character is an anti-Mary-Sue, but completely boring. I scored a six which was in the section below “Congrats, you have a well rounded character.” Apparently, I need to add some wicked hair/eye color, give her a weird super power, rename her Raven and create a Resistance for her to be apart of. Or make her an excellent singer to whom animals are inexplicable drawn.

The quiz questions are actually kind of funny and I think I may have read some of those characters in high school and writing group. Many of them focus on the author’s relationship with the character. Does the character have your dream job? If the character were real, would you be friends? Is the character someone you want to sleep with?

It would be interesting to do a pych profile on the authors based on their characters…based on how they scored on these questions.

NANO UPDATE: 4000 words…got to get started on today’s quota!


4 thoughts on “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Mary-Sue

  1. Emily

    Mary-Sues often show up in first books and fan-fic – super-idealized author-characters, with all the author’s strengths, none of their weaknesses, and with author’s desired characteristics.

    Not fun characters to read. Congratulations on not falling into that trap!

    Now, get NaNo cracking! 😉

  2. Vicki

    Clearly you do not spend enough time on

    On second thought, stay far away. It’s more of a time sink than even Wikipedia.

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