No Plot? No Problem! Just Procrastinate…

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Dominoes by RK Hawaii
CC BY 2.0

I wrote about a thousand words for my NaNo today. Pretty good. According to NaNo’s count I’m only 666 (the Devil’s number, interesting) from my daily word count. According to me, I’m 1000 away.

I stopped writing in the middle of an action scene so I should be able to pick it up fairly easily. But I’m still stuck on the fact that I haven’t figured out whodunit in the first place. I’m now 11,000 words in and I’m bouncing around, laying out clues that make no sense, even to me. Hey, we found out that the guy lived in a storage unit and stole coffee shop internet to stay off the grid. That’s great. Why was he off the grid in the first place? And why is there now a guy breaking into my MC’s house? He broke a window to unlock the door, but she’s got him by the arm now…so I guess they’re actually at a stand still.

In order to get to the action, I’ve skipped ahead a bit. How much is a bit? You’ve got me! I’m assuming the break in has something to do with the clues she’s picked up and the poking around she’s done. But who’s ticked off? Got me again!

Given this plight, I headed to the library for a little help: an actual mystery book and a few of those “how to write” ones. When the librarian handed me the freshly checked out books, he told me they were due in three weeks. I almost laughed…three weeks and NaNo would be over.

Now that I’m back on the couch, I realize that my newly borrowed stack of books will just act as good procrastination tools. They won’t actually give me any plot ideas. I’ll have to turn to another trusted time waster for that: the internets.

Oh, plot generators, where are you? Normally, I’d say this was cheating, but when NaNo forum-ites explain their cheap tricks for extending word count, I think that pretty much anything goes. In the final hours, I will change all my contractions to two words…I have no scruples this month.

Agatha Christie is the Grande Dame of mysteries, so surely I can learn a thing or two from her. Reading her might take up too much time and there’s not a Poirot marathon on PBS, so this plot generator will have to do.

Alas, my old general gets sea sick while playing bridge on a boat.


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