Procrastinating with the Time Lord

Tardis cake cut into <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Chocolate Time Portal by diongillard
CC BY 2.0

It’s a lazy Saturday morning. I have three things to do: 1) Bake a cake for a football party tomorrow 2) Buy ingredients for said cake 3) Write 2000 words.

So, instead, I read TV scripts. I’m sure I had some grand reason: get a plot idea, polish my prose, not bake a cake…

I am stopping…after the pilot of How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who (How I met Martha Jones), and MI-5/Spooks (about which I started questioning plot reasoning two pages in).

So, now it’s back to questioning plot reasoning in my NaNo.

Today’s time sucks:
Daily Script
BBC’s Writer’s Room


2 thoughts on “Procrastinating with the Time Lord

  1. Emily

    Can you believe that we are able to pick up the rotating SCOLA channel with our cable, and watch various half hours of German, Czech, Chinese, or Hungarian television, but that I haven’t found Doctor Who on the PBS station here? So sad.

  2. Cam

    I love the multi-language channels! When I first moved to Chicago, my roomies and I would watch a Korean soap after work and, sometimes, Bollywood videos on Saturday mornings.

    No Dr. Who? You need to move to Chicago;)

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