I was on my way into work this morning when I finally did it. I figured out who the killer is (in my NaNo)! No symphony or lightening strike, just a simple “huh, that could work” and a shrug.

Armed with the knowledge of the killer and a tenuous grasp on the why of it, I thought writing tonight’s word count would be a breeze. Alas, NO!

It’s like my brain said: Oh, OK. He did it. Interesting. Good night.

I hate week two.

20,500 down…a million to go.


6 thoughts on “Idunit

  1. Emily

    Hey, I’m rambling around over here, and have barely gotten through 24 hours of my main character’s life. She become so introspective at times that it annoys me!

  2. Cam

    Don’t be too mad at your MC. Introspection is good…it eats up word count! Hey, if you’ve only gotten through 24 hours, you’ll finish the book before her week is out:)

  3. Emily

    But will I make it through the week!?
    That would be a good thing, though, to finish the 50k words before the week ends. Especially since that is about as far as my vague concept of a story goes.

  4. Emily

    My typing hasn’t caught up to where I am long-hand, which adds to my confusion. That, and switching back and forth between present day to MC’s mother’s story.

    I have noticed that even in my emails, I am trying to make things as wordy as possible [see – like that instead of saying “verbose.”]

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