The Grass Is Greener

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The Grass was Green by nicolasnova
CC BY 2.0

Writer’s group is this week and I’m on the docket to bring something to be critiqued. I’ve devoted this month to Nano and that is certainly not being shown to anyone (at least not in its present form), so I decided to pull out a piece of Julia that the group hasn’t seen yet. It’s going back in time a little, but I don’t think that will be a problem.

The problem is that, well, it sucks. It was awesome when I wrote it. The scene moved the plot forward, added a layer of complexity, expanded upon the character and, damn, was it good writing. Well, now, not so much. I don’t know whether it’s the distance or if it’s the fact that I’m writing a new project, but now I think it’s only OK. I don’t see any rich language and some of it is repetitious and should be cut. I realize this is the point of writer’s group and editing, but it was still a little disheartening.

I tend to polish before I let others read my work…even before I take it to writer’s group. Although, I’ve been polishing less for group lately. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a lazy thing.

Usually I suffer from the grass is greener syndrome. That story, the one that I’m not working on, is so much better than the drivel I’m actually working on. But this time, the syndrome seems flipped. The story I am working on, while the writing itself is bad as only a Nano can be, the story and the characters are so much more interesting and worthy than what I’m not working on. And the not-being-written-on story is quickly fading in my esteem.

I had a feeling that breaking my Julia momentum would cause some problems. I just have to figure out how to regain that momentum in December.

In January, my writer’s group is having a public reading. I had planned on reading the beginning of Julia. The reading itself, if I ignore the nausea I feel when I think about reading aloud, might be a good way to rev myself back up.


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