riter’s group again tonight. The person who wanted to read after my piece because she was falling asleep was back. In my earlier post, I vowed to be good, just and fair (or something like that). And I had every intention of doing just that, but then she passed out a poem.

I’m not good with poems. I’ve tried to critique them in the past, but it’s just better if I circle one or two striking phrases and leave it at that. It’s a half-assed critique, but it’s the best I can do. Really. In general, I either don’t get poetry or don’t like it. So I just keep quiet.

And I kept quiet tonight.

I’m sure this person didn’t notice or particularly care. But I wanted to prove that I wasn’t bitter. And that is really hard to do without talking.


2 thoughts on “Ode

  1. Emily

    I do think that there are poetry people and there are fiction people. Not too many crossovers. Writing and critiquing prose verses poetry really are two different beasts. Each form has its own constraints and requirements.

    Circling the striking phrases is really a great way to give feedback [it’s what Mrs. J at SCAPA would often do].

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