Train Wreck Point Road Sign <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Train Wreck Point by jack a daniel
CC BY 2.0

Don’t you love it when things (not your things) go horribly awry? Pointing and laughing at other’s misfortune can make our day…yes, our horribly caddish and unfeeling day. Yes, I said our. That’s right, I’m dragging you into this.

Cakewrecks showcases icing disasters so horrible that I am disappointed when my grocery bakery doesn’t measure up.

Photoshop Disasters trained me to never look at any packaging the same again and, more sobering, helped provoke a national media debate on skinny models.

While I love both those wreck sites with abandon, I have an English major’s soft spot for Unnecessary Quotes. Oh, the double entendres that have kept me snickering in my cube…

I think Cakewrecks is a fairly accessible rubbernecking crash; Photoshop Disasters, less so (although it’s amazing what non-designers can pick up with a little practice). Unnecessary Quotes just shows my geekiness (also showcased in Typophile and The Blank Show).

But it’s good to know that there are others like me out there. Obviously there are the blog commenters,  but are also the people who stare at subway signs…as profiled in this New York Times article.


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