I Heart Commuting

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El Haircut #1 by jordanfischer
CC BY 2.0

Luckily, today I missed the earlier express train home and had to take the local.

It gave me time to ponder Julia. I haven’t written anything new since I finished NaNo. Instead, I practiced reading the opening aloud for the public reading (panic!) and I reread the last few scenes I wrote before November.

What I reread consisted of one scene that reveals an important plot point and  few scenes that add to character development. The way I originally wrote the scenes, they were all incredibly short snippets (even shorter than the double-spaced five-pagers for writer’s group) and were all very dependent upon the order I wrote them in (plot point is discussed by two characters and how they react reveals more about them…so you can’t have the conversations before you have the reveal). The scenes just weren’t working. they were too short and weren’t really pulling their weight. So, I thought about rearranging them. And re-rearranging them. Nothing was working because I was too focused on that reveal. I couldn’t fathom the other scenes without the information because it was SO VITAL! Every few stops, I would rearrange the scenes but the vital plot point kept rearing it’s ugly head, demanding to go first.

About half way home, I realized that vital wasn’t so vital. I was rushing to get to the plot point like there was a bomb about to explode. If I breathed and gave Julia one more day to make the vital discover, everything was much smoother. It’s still going to take some work, but I feel a lot more confident about these scenes than when I let work.


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