Lockpicking and Other Habits I Want to Acquire

Lock being picked <div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=
Squircle Lock Picking by ThenAndAgain
CC BY 2.0

I’ve always wanted to know how to pick a lock. It’s not that I think it would be practical should I ever lock myself out of my house. No, I just think it just looks cool. Plus, I think of myself as more streetwise than I actually am and knowing how to pick a lock would feed that delusion.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actress, not because of the fame and fortune, but rather so someone would pay me to learn to do cool things: riding horses, fighting with swords or using a whip to extinguish a candelabra (21 seconds in).

Sadly, that career plan never quite panned out, but I’ve found the next best thing: writer. All the learning required (sadly, unpaid right now), none of the stage fright (mostly).

When NaNo started, I picked up a few books to help me get into the mystery writing spirit. I thought it might be a good idea to learn a little more about crime scene procedure than what I *ahem* learned by watching CSI. I know the point of NaNo is not accuracy, and I certainly wasn’t going for that (at least not right away), but after reading about how a police roll call might go, I was able to punch out a couple hundred extra words.

NaNo may be over, but I’m still reading one of those reference books, Howdunit: How Crimes are Committed and Solved*, and it’s actually telling me how to break into a car! Ok, not actually a step-by-step plan, but I’m learning enough to feel cocky.

Then, I stumbled upon how to make a car spin out!

Then, I learn that there’s a crime called phreaking!

Is this awesome or what?

I wonder if there’s any way that I can make Julia break into a car, get into a car chase, then steal some credit cards via phone. That would be sweet! Damn it Julia, why aren’t you a criminal?

*I’m reading a copy from the library. Some borrower before me took it upon herself (I’m deducting from the very loopy letters) to proofread the book. But somewhere along the way the spelling and punctuation corrections morph into commentary. I’m guessing that the crazier comments were made by a different person, but I’ll have to wait and find the book on handwriting analysis to be sure.


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