We Have Weather

Above a Blanket of Clouds -- Chicago from the Skydeck

Above a Blanket of Clouds -- Chicago from the Skydeck

In an earlier post I mentioned sometimes mis-writing Julia to react to a situation the way I would. Usually, I catch myself before I slip out of character on the page. The better I know my character, the easier it is to stay in character, as it were. Something that’s much harder to do, is stay in season.

There are very few stories that are seasonally dependent. Minus any variation of the Christmas story, I can’t think of any off the top of my head, although I’m sure you will (leave them in comments). I think the reason there aren’t very many is because editing can be a year round process. Julia takes place in summer. While her story isn’t dependent upon the season, I have mentioned the heat a few times. Now that it’s cold here in Chicago (first snow today), I keep trying to write winter scenes or at least have Julia put on a jacket before she runs outside in the 80+ degree heat.

I included the heat in Julia to help give a feel of place (Kentucky in the summer), but it’s really hard to keep talking about how hot it is when my toes are icy.

I might need to avoid weather in the future stories so my characters aren’t wearing parkas when a heat wave hits or bikinis in snowstorms.

Update: Apparently, I’m the only one with this problem. According to The Smart Set and legend, The Christmas Song with all its images of winter was written in July. The Little Engine thought he could. I must think warm.


4 thoughts on “We Have Weather

  1. Here are some “seasonal” books I thought of off the top of my head –
    Ann Patchett’s most recent book, “Run” takes place in winter, and the snow and ice is integral to the story – car crashing after sliding in snow, character on crutches slips on ice and so on
    Ordinary People (a bad book but a great movie) takes place in Fall, new school year, potential new beginning
    Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite books, entire book takes place in one young boy’s summer in a Midwestern town
    Enchanted April, well, it takes place in Spring!

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