Must Procrastinate TV


I‘m a sucker for cop shows. I love yelling my theories at the TV. And  I’m cool with eating spaghetti while watching the characters on CSI or Bones pick through the evidence on the ever-increasingly disgusting bodies.

Although I do agree with the whining that there are too many of these shows. I don’t have room for any more (although, with Hulu, I can certainly try and squeeze a few more in…after all, I have some procrastinating I have to do)! Besides, all you’ve got are cops, lawyers and doctors. There’s got to be something else out there. I’m having trouble imagining what the next big drama idea is, but I’m working on it.

Ken Levine, veteran TV comedy writer, might be on to something. His post was supposed to be funny, but I would totally watch this…as a hour drama or a half-hour comedy.


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