Storm clouds over a castle looking-building and a medieval stone bridge in Amarante, Portugal

Stormy Weather by Jsome1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/jsome1/ / CC BY 2.0

In my last post, I bemoaned the emotional info dumping that was polluting the latest Julia scenes. So, after I groaned and moaned to you and few lucky others, I printed out all the story I had so far. Partly to see if I could info scatter a little more evenly, and partly to get my head unstuck.

Sometimes scenes become a vortex. They’re important, but I can’t quite get them right. So I think about them and think about them and think about them and…to the point where I get sucked in and see nothing else. Walking away entirely is one cure. Starting another project is another (and usually leads to the former). Or you pull back and dive in at another point.

I chose this approach, choosing to dive in at the beginning, and was pleasantly surprised at 1) how far the story had come, 2) still felt that the mourning may be a bit much, and 3) was really surprised at how hot I made everything. Seriously, I have major weather issues. The air, no matter if Julia is in Chicago or Lexington, is thick with humidity and sticky with heat. The scenes where this is most prevalent (and most pointless) were written in the dead of winter here in Chicago.

While I’ve moved on from the original vortex scene, I’m quickly closing in on another. While I already reread the story from the beginning, I held off on editing because that can turn into an entirely new vortex…which would leave my first chapters impeccably written, but my story unfinished. Since vortex two is looming, do I risk vortex three? Do I dump everything and head for the hills? NaNo was supposed to be my vacation, but after a handful of weeks back at it, I feel like I need another one. Perhaps, I should just plow through this next scene a la NaNo.

What ever I do, I need to steer clear of weather.


3 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Cam

    No, no. I wrote the hot scenes during the winter. I didn’t say I walked around the lakefront in a swimsuit. It was more like wishful thinking, I think.

    Non-sequitur, I’m writing this on the lap desk you got me for Christmas.

    Non-sequitur part 2, I love those magnetic bookmarks that were in our stockings!

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