Dress to the Nines?


Hmm…so, in order to ignore the mounting fear of reading in public next week, I have decided to focus on a questions of GREAT IMPORTANCE: what does a budding author wear to a reading.

The grey,  business dress I wore to work today seems a bit, uh, formal. The t-shirt I donned for tonight’s writer’s group is, perhaps, a little underdressed (but awesome). My piece, the opening of Julia, doesn’t lend itself to a costume, so I’m left with regular clothes.

Jeans and a sweater? Black pants and a button down shirt? Clunky jewelry? Facepaint?

A while agoVicki offered to do a voice over for me and Emily suggested Elton John glasses. I figure I have to suck it up and read it myself, so does someone have a pair of Elton John glasses that I could borrow?

*Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hisch


6 thoughts on “Dress to the Nines?

  1. bethfinke

    Am I too late? Did the reading already happen? Well, in any case, I’d say the most important thing is: wear something you feel confident in. What I mean by that is, wear something that you don’t have to fret about, something that you do’nt have to keep checking the front to make sure it’s buttoned (or unbutttoned!), or whether it’s tucked in correctly or not, but at the same time something that you’ve worn before and people have complimented you on. There’s enough to occupy your mind when you’re doing a public reading, make sure the clothing you wear isn’t one more thing to worry about. PS: My fave is comfortable pants with a tunic on top that sort of kind of flows, funky enough to project that you are hip and urban but not so provocative that your listeners are staring at your body and your clothing instead of listening to your reading!

  2. Cam

    Hi Beth! Nope, you’re just in time…I’m about to go through my closet and make the final decision. I was thinking about wearing some cute plaid heels, but now I’m having visions of twisted ankles. I like your idea of simple and comfy.


  3. bethfinke

    Oh, I *love* cool shoes. But maybe for this time, especially if you are already nervous about the reading, I’d leave the plaid heels at home. Just my opinion, though — others might tell you that if the heels make you feel good, wear them!
    Good luck tomorrow night!

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