Not Writerly


Ok, so this has nothing to do with writing.

Find out where your mouse wanders during the day (or at least your time online). Once you download the application mentioned in the article, turn it on and it will track your mouse’s activity.

I was so paranoid while I was in tracking mode that I kept using the mouse for the commands that I’d usually use keystrokes for. And yes, I said paranoid. I did not mean hyper aware, although I was that too. If you leave your mouse in one place for too long it’s marked by a large circle. I was paranoid what too big of a circle would say about me, so I kept moving my mouse. After all, eye-tracking studies found out that men stare at animal and human crotches and women watch sex longer.

So what are you waiting for? Go track your mouse activity!

P.S. I found the mouse tracker article from The Smart Set Web site. They always have interesting articles, so go check them out.


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