Graph-like Proof that the Writing Life is Hard


Here’s a graph that charts why life sucks…and why the writing life blows.

Book deal at 25? Crap. I’m woefully behind. Does that mean that life goes on being OK for longer or that I just skip over the meeting Oprah part and go straight into decline?

This graph seems more accurate.

The “holy crap, I just wrote an awesome scene” high followed immediately by the “crap, I don’t know what to do next” plummet. Then you’re writing steadily and fairly pleased with the output. This goes on for a time until the paralyzing “I know what’s supposed to happen but I can’t figure out how to get it down on paper” dip right before the “holy crap” high. And it goes on…


4 thoughts on “Graph-like Proof that the Writing Life is Hard

  1. Emily

    Does that mean I’m peaking early, too? What with the marriage and mortgage before I’m 30? Man, and I thought I was happy with my life… 😉

  2. Cam

    Good thing there was a graph to tell you how unhappy you really are. Thank goodness for graphs! 😉

    Or maybe it’s telling you that you really are 30…hmmm….

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