Author Idol

Wax statues that look vaguely like the Beatles wearing slightly-off neon Sgt Peppers uniforms

Suckiet Wax Beatles Ever by liddybits / CC BY 2.0

My spin off writer’s group met again last night…I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats, breathless with anticipation for Meeting Two.

It went well. Of course, when a group meets at a bar, it’s hard not to go well, even if American Idol: Beatles Night is buzzing in the background.

The bar was actually quite busy because Local Boy is still a contestant. How could you tell who the writers were? We weren’t wearing the neon yellow “Vote 4 Local Boy” t-shirts.

Anyway, locked safely away in the second floor party room, I think we had some good discussions. My fears for second suckiest scene ever were confirmed, but a few points in favor of second suckiest scene ever were also made.

So, really, it turns out that my piece was a lot like that Beatles photo: recognizable as something great, but still missing some key elements.

Ah, it’s a start…


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