Where do Writing Groups Go When They Retire?

Five retired men sitting on park benches

The Romanian Mob by jonrawlinson http://www.flickr.com/photos/london/ / CC BY 2.0

I’m contemplating what to do with my “Writing Group” category tag. Should I retire it?

After filling in for my main writing group’s facilitator from time to time (yes, the group I grouse about), I was handed the reigns. It was something the facilitator had mentioned, but things were moving so slowly that I almost didn’t expect it to happen at all. Then, boom: an announcement last night.

There were gasps and murmurs when the facilitator began with “it has been an honor…” because you know those sentences never end well. There was clapping when she announced I would be stepping in, so my latest fear of a pitchfork and torch-wielding mob attack didn’t play out.

What this means: I have to find another group and I can no longer gripe about this group to my blog. So, do I retire the Writing Group tag? Or does the tag just switch meanings into something more akin to “The Empty Pen searches for” rather than “The Empty pen bitches about?”

I guess I’m wondering how people think about tags. If you’re on a blog for a while, do tags take on certain meanings? In the past, when I added the Writing Group tag, the post had always been about my writing group, yes, but usually in a complaining, non-flattering way. Is just mentioning a writer’s group somewhere in the post enough to warrant that tag or am I messing with perceptions? Does a Writer’s Group tag signal an Empty Pen vent session?

Granted, there are only a few of you and it’s not like I’m changing my name from the internationally-known Sears Tower to the Whatcha Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis Tower. Apparently, this is what I worry about when the pitchfork and torch-wielding mobs don’t materialize.

3 thoughts on “Where do Writing Groups Go When They Retire?

  1. I’m admittedly spotty in my tag usage. I try to think of it as an index. If I were looking through my blog for a research project (is that self-important of me?), and would want to be able to search for all references to X, I try to tag it. If an entry then talks about X in any sort of semi-meaningful way, I try to add that tag.

    (You could just delete the tag, or write a bunch of super nice posts about the group?)

  2. bethfinke

    Maybe I’m dense, but I don’t understand the problem. If you are going to be facilitating this writers group, there will still be a writers group, right? So won’t you mention it from time to time? So shouldn’t you keep the tag?
    Like I say, maybe I’m missing something…wouldn’t be the first time!

    • Cam

      I’m sure it’s not you, Beth. That’s what I get for writing and publishing around midnight instead of waiting a little while and revising.

      I had two hazy thoughts that didn’t mesh very well. 1) Now that I’m leading the group, I don’t feel that I should be writing about them…if they ever found my blog and read less than complimentary things, that would breech the trust required to share their stories, wouldn’t it? And 2) several bloggers that I read have categories, or rather titles, that have their readers trained to expect certain things. Like when Evil Editor titles a post Face-Lift, I know to expect a horrible query letter and witty and scathing remarks. I was wondering if my 1.5 readers were as Pavlovianly trained as I was to that category tag. The big problem being that I was talking about categories on my blog while the blogs I was thinking about were actually using titles, so I was comparing apple to oranges and making no sense.

      And since I’m writing this response early on a Saturday, I’m not sure it will make any more sense!

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