Ug, sisters


Not mine, of course. Other people’s sisters. Sister, singular, actually. Julia’s, to be precise.

Every time a scene with Julia’s sister gets interesting, she spins around and storms out. It’s annoying. Originally, she was a fairly important character, and she still should be, but she’s become so petulant that her plot line dissipated. I didn’t consciously drop it; she was unconsciously squeezed out.

And what annoys me the most? She didn’t even pitch a fit about it! It’s like she didn’t care that I was abandoning her – and that’s so not like her. She’s an attention seeker and now she’s content to just sit back, or, rather, spin around and leave? No! She’s supposed to be vying for attention. I’m supposed to be fighting to keep her out of scenes rather than begging her to stick around.

Although, perhaps, that’s her plan. Minx.

Tangential Thought: If you happen to be sitting outside my building when I come home from work and strike up a conversation that start with “oh, are you a book reader,” don’t follow my “yes” with “I’m not.”


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