She’s a Drama Queen, Young and Sweet…


In real life, I hate conflict. If people are fighting, I try to find common ground a little too quickly. I appease. I qualify potentially angering statements. I avoid.

Raised voices make me anxious.

As a writer, I understand the need for drama. As a reader, I crave it.


After rereading a few recently written scenes of Julia, I’ve see my conciliatory side breaking through.

Julia needs to be on edge. She needs to be angry…a sustained angry through many scenes. But here I am, doing everything in my literary power to calm her down: long drive, music, mellow night air.

No! *snap* Keep your dander up!

I was able to fix part of the calmer moments by glowering at the screen as I rewrote. Being angry for a sustained length of time is exhausting…which is probably why I keep trying to calm Julia down, I don’t want to be exhausted.

Any tips or tricks from other peacemakers for keeping characters angry?


One thought on “She’s a Drama Queen, Young and Sweet…

  1. I’m like you (imagine that) in that I try to avoid conflict and try to mitigate it whenever possible.

    No real advice, though, I’ve not been successful at keeping characters angry in my few and fledging attempts at writing.

    Does trying to put yourself in Julia’s shoes, and remembering just how angry the (situation/person/whatever) makes her help? Essentially taking yourself out of the equation?

    Much luck!

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