Empty Pen Goes Vamp

Ice covered branch with ice drip frozen in fang formation

Ice Vampire by Brian Hillegas http://www.flickr.com/photos/seatbelt67/2111187811/ /CC BY 2.0

Not really.  Just vamp-curious.

I was in high school when the Interview with a Vampire movie came out. Anne Rice, who was already quite prolific and had a devoted fan base, exploded. I devoured the Vampire Chronicles.

Now, I’m watching True Blood (rather than reading, horrible I know, I know) and yes, I’ll admit to reading Twilight. I have seen a few Buffys and all of Angel. Yes, I have read Bram Stoker’s original, and for a film class in college, I even saw Nosferatu. Despite all that, I wouldn’t consider myself a vampire expert or even fan, really.

Why am I chronicling all of this? I was inspired by this article (via Pimp My Novel). Psycolgists ask why a vampire who is technically over 100 would go for a girl who is jail bait for someone a quarter of his unlife-span. Yes, psychologists are using fictional characters to help inspire students.

I thought that was an interesting question. And it helped me vocalize a question that had always, undefined as it was, tickled my brain when I was reading these books or watching these shows.

How do vampires evolve so well?

People’s musical tastes stop evolving around their teens. And we’ve all had those moments when grandma or grandpa has said something that’s made us cringe and chant, mantra-style, “s/he’s just old. That’s the way s/he was brought up. S/he’s too old to change.”

So, why is it that vampires can so easily adapt to current social mores? After all, as Buffy points out, she can easily spot a vamp because they dress at the height of fashion…for when they became undead.

But Bill of True Blood has no problem with being patriotic to a United States even though he fought for the right to seceed. Likewise, as a slave owner during his life, the idea of blacks and whites being equal doesn’t seem to phase the undead him. I’m still early in the series, so that could change, but I’m fairly certain that it won’t.

Angel, born to a higher class in the 1700s, is right at home in today’s professed classless society. He deals with people from all walks of life without batting an eye. And a woman being equal? Obviously.

Does existing for hundreds of years make it easier to go with the flow? At seventy, you’re stuck with the mores of your youth, but once you hit that magic one hundred, your mind is open…kind of like hitting the wall and then breaking through when you’re exercising? Or once you’re doomed to hell, who cares?

I suppose the easy answer is that these characters are supposed to be like-able and relate-able, and so obviously would think the way we do.

Why am I asking? No, Julia hasn’t suddenly grown fangs…just pondering.


2 thoughts on “Empty Pen Goes Vamp

  1. I suppose for Bill in Trueblood, since he’s for the integration of living and undead, can he really be for segregation of the living? In my oh-so-vast experience with vampires in literature (ha!), if the vampires have a formed society of any sort (like in Sookie Stackhouse, Angel/Buffy, Twilight series, Anne Rice’s vamps) there seems to be an us v. them mentality. Vampires as us (to them of course), and humans as other, meat suits, blood bags… what have you.

    (And for Angel, being cursed with a soul has made him an outcast in his society. So instead of being on top of the vampire hierarchy, which they tend to see as above humans anyhow, as bad-ass fighter/killer vamp, he is now more akin to humans in the eyes of vamp society. He was turned by a woman, so he’s seen first hand how powerful a woman can be. And, he has had time to think about it, and come to terms with more modern ideas about things. Plus, he just broods about everything better than Edward.)

    Perhaps, 100 years of un-dead life is a ‘magic’ number, where most everyone you ever knew/loved is dead, so you begin the whole not caring about the human world thing. Which means you can more easily let go of your own human notions. Because now you are better. Now you are vampire. Now you are no longer human, so who cares.

    (hehe, maybe I could have been an English major after all…) Sorry for bogarting the vampire post.

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