The More the Merrier?

Amber colored whiskey in a glass with ice, all in front of a black background

Dark-Field Lighting 2 by Kyle May /CC 2.0

In a post from back in March, I bemoaned my inability to write scenes with more than two active characters.

While I knew they existed, I couldn’t remember the titles of any books that handled more than a few characters at a time.

And now I’m reading War & Peace. Tolstoy liked introducing gobs of characters all at once and then move them into smaller groups for more intimate tete-a-tetes. Note to self: NOT the way to do it.

I haven’t figured out who’s who before we move into the more intimate scenes, so I think I’m getting to know A, when in truth, I’m learning more about B. Arg. Better to start small, then go big…if I go big at all.

I’m working on a family scene for Julia…three people in the room at once. Not exactly swarms of people, but enough that Julia’s mother keeps dropping out the scene. I’ve given her a glass of whiskey to swirl and stare into, so if she’s not active there’s a liquor-soaked reason. However, I do want her to jump in every once in a while so readers don’t forget she’s there.

This article about TV not translating to the page makes me feel better about having trouble with multi-character scenes. I guess my desire to have rooms full of characters is my couch-potato self talking.

Still, three characters should be do-able. It’s time that I lock the liquor cabinet and get Mom moving.


3 thoughts on “The More the Merrier?

  1. bethfinke

    Don’t know about you, but i have not experienced many whiskey-swirling-moms who could keep their mouths shut! I suggest that if you want the mom to talk, don’t take away her whiskey…

    • Cam

      Whiskey swilling moms get loud and abusive. Whiskey swilling old men sing and talk to themselves. Maybe I’m trying to fight stereotypes.

      Actually, I just had her woozy in the corner.

      But you’re right, I should use the liquor for good…get her talking.

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