Writers’ Group: The Epic Adventure

Illuminated manuscript

Armenian Manuscript by Somebody on this Earth http://www.flickr.com/photos/beauty_hunter/2688198202/ / CC 2.0

At a dinner out with friends, I related a then-recent writer’s group incident. To sum up: someone brought a snack to share and was passive-aggressively furious that some people took more than their fair share.

My friends thought this incident was hilarious. And it was. My friend thought I should turn it into a story. And I’ve thought about it.

I struggle with what the story is. A short story? A single scene in a novel?

I don’t think a short story about anger over snacks would do the group or the characters justice, but is there enough to flesh out an engaging story?

While I was contemplating what/whether to do anything with this idea, I stumbled across The Guild (via WWnD: In Exile).

I don’t game, but I’m quickly becoming addicted to this web series!

While I’m not grabbing a Flip and shooting my own writerly version anytime soon, I love the concept.

I have to break out of my narrow definitions of story (short version vs long version) and see where this can go.

As Wil Wheaton (WWnD in Exile) said when introducing The Guild’s latest music video:

Don’t forget: this was produced with no budget at all. Think about that for a second … kind of makes you want to Get Excited and Make Things, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does.

And it makes me want to watch the video again. Go watch it. Seriously.

What does it make you want to create?


2 thoughts on “Writers’ Group: The Epic Adventure

    • Cam

      Yes, yes. I know.

      I thought that more people would know what a Flip is than would know that my phone has video. That and I’m still trying to remember all the stuff my phone can do…other than play sodoku.

      Am I right or wrong about Flip vs iPhone 4 video?

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