Top Top Lists


I‘m feeling list-y today:

Time’s Top ALL TIME 100 Novels (their emphasis)
This includes English language novels from 1923 to the present. 1923 seems rather arbitrary, but I guess 100 could be considered arbitrary, too.

I’ve read 12. That seems kinds of sucky.

BBC’s Top 100 (not 100% sure this is actually the BBC’s list, but people claim it is, so who am I to argue with the Internet?)
This meme travelled around Facebook quite a while ago with the claim that the BBC thinks that most people have only read 6 of the books on their top 100 list. I’m pretty sure this part was debunked somewhere along the way, but again, who am I to question?

I’ve read 33. If I can count partially read books (War and Peace, Crime and Punishment) several books of a completed “works” (Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes), then I get to bump my number up to 41! Woo-hoo, I feel better about myself and secretly wonder if that’s the point of the incredibly low number 6. I mean, 10 of those books were checked off thanks to my high school required reading.

Here is my favorite of the Top X Books list. Technically, it’s not a Top list…it just lists an example of an Amazon one-star reviews for several classic novels.

I’ve read 9 out of 26.

My husband thinks that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe review is a fake. As much as I love it, I think he’s right. However, in defense of  the review being real: when I was reading LWW, I often wondered what turkish delight was. I turned to the encyclopedia (geez) and left it at that. When my high school put LWW on as a play, my curiosity was aroused again. This time the internet was still not around, but I’d gotten smarter…I went to source of authority: a candy store. I bought some and taste-tested it. Not bad. Not great. I couldn’t figure out why Edmund liked it so much, I mean there was no chocolate in it! Badies don’t like chocolate, I guess.

My favorite one-star classic review is the one for The Sun Also Rises. It’s dead on. That is exactly how I would have liked to describe it in my school book report.

Any of the one-star reviews speak to you?


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