Shocking Reveal: Behind the Scenes that I Skip!

Surprised girl looking over her shoulder

Original Artwork by D Sharon Pruitt CC 3.0

It’s true. There are times when I skip glimpses the behind the scenes that I so lovingly gushed over. When? When it’s something that I can in no way do. When it’s something like sewing.

I can sew a button and, once, I even sewed a pillow in home ec. However, I would never consider myself the crafty type, let alone a seamstress.

I am in awe of the New Dress a Day blog. It’s sucked me into a time vortex for a, uh, few hours this week.

The blogger takes hideous $1 charity store finds and, like Michelangelo released glorious figures from marble, discovers how to turn them into cute outfits.

She even goes through the how of it. I’ve read one or two with little more than passing interest. I know what a hem is, but I guess I don’t really care how a hem is made…it’s enough that it exists.

Really, I am in awe of her ability…that kind of creativity is something that I just don’t have. I suppose it is akin to people watching on train and creating a back story for a complete stranger. The pieces are all there: the collar, the tell-tale twitchy finger drumming, the luscious fabric, the snipped phone conversations…it’s up to one artist or another to pull those workable pieces out and re-piece them together.

To top it all off, New Dress a Day’s writing is funny and her pictures even funnier. But I want the instant gratification: show me the before and after!

And when I see the after, I think: how’d she do that? How’d she see the beauty in the beast?

But this time, I’m perfectly happy to leave the question hanging in the air. This time, I like the mystery and being awed.

Excuse me, I have some ogling to do.


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