The Dog Ate My Funny Bone

Ornate building detail of comedy mask

Comedy Mask at the Majestic Theatre (Boston, MA) by takomabibelot CC 3.0

Sometimes, I think I am missing a few genes, including those for comedy appreciation. When taking this comedy test (or test 2, test 3, or test 4) posted by Ken Levine (who wrote for MASH, Cheers, Frasier and more), I was mostly straight-faced.

I guess, I’m just a drama queen…which makes it curious that I suddenly want to write a comedy piece. There’s an NPR contest and I thought: telling a decent story in 600 words isn’t enough of a challenge, let’s make it funny, too! Given the opening and closing lines writers must use, the obvious genre choice is horror. I’m worse at that than at being funny.

Any comedy tips or warm-ups for those of us in the JV squad?


4 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Funny Bone

  1. bethfinke

    At risk of sounding harsh, my advice is, if you don’t think you have a comedy gene, don’t write comedy. NPR is a perfect example. Seems any time one of the regular announcers tries to be funny, or do a “cute comedy bit” it is…awkward.
    Just my opinion. Now am going to link to the 600-word contest you mentioned –maybe I can use it as an assignment for my senior citizen writers!

    • That’s not harsh, Beth.

      I was trying to think of funny books I’ve read and came up blank. So, I failed the comedy tests and I don’t read funny books…those should be some big red flags.

      Let me know how your senior citizens like the 600 word challenge!

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