Shoes laced with a Star of David pattern

Happy Belated Yom Kippur! Photo as seen on Ian's Shoelace Site

I can’t remember what took me to Ian’s Shoelace Site, but I was astounded. Who knew that there were shoelace tips? Or that a crooked bow was a fixable problem (or that it was even a problem)?

The number of creative ways people can tie their shoes is crazy. I guess I’m just the lame-o who wears my laces as-is.

As with shoes, so go stories. I may not have the ending cemented in my mind when I start writing, but I generally have an idea and don’t stray from that idea. But there are so many outcomes that could happen if my character loops over instead of under.

I had hoped to bang out a story for the 600 word challenge this weekend and spend the coming week tightening it. Unfortunately, I’m having problems with the ending. The one I had in mind when I started isn’t working, so I’m staring at everyone’s shoes, trying to find a pattern that will fit.

What do you do when your original ending unravels and makes your characters (or the entire story) fall flat on their faces?


2 thoughts on “Velcro

  1. bethfinke

    I heard an author say she writes as if she is driving in a car at night in the middle of nowhere, she only sees as far as the headlights and never knows where she and her characters might end up.
    Sounds scary to me.

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