Squirrel 2

Lion and tiger both standing on circus platforms while the tiger tamer goes nose to nose with the big cat

Moscow Circus Tiger by jurvetson http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/3712486468/ CC 3.0

I am Dug*, the lovable and easily distracted dog in Up.

I want to enter the NPR contest and the clock is ticking. Did I work on the piece today? No really. I glanced at it on the train this morning, but told myself I’d work on it on the commute home. Did I? No, because I wanted to be home so that I could concentrate and well…

Coincidentally, someone sent me a link to the “distraction free writing environment.” My favorite feature is the “non-distracting circus music” that plays “every time you manage to finish a word.” I could probably use that about now.

*When getting this post together, I thought my analogy was so funny. Turns out, it was so clever, I’d already used it. D’oh! I shouldn’t be surprised since procrastination is either my best asset or by biggest failing.


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