On Your Mark, Get Set…

Pregnant belly with an eviction notice taped to it

29/365 by Scott Woods-Fehr http://www.flickr.com/photos/woodsfehr/4314560625/ CC 3.0

I spent the day killing my darlings. There’s just something about a deadline.

I’ve been ignoring Julia and focusing on my NPR Three-Minute Story entry this week. I did a good job plowing through some of the bigger problems. Dialogue not working? OK. Ax it all and rework the story structure. I wasn’t too invested in the characters or the story at that point, so I was able to cut and run without too much hemming and hawing.

I thought I was doing a good job of killing my darlings, too. But then I woke up today. Due day.

Turns out, I was more invested than I realized. But I was more invested in my darling phrases — those pretty sounding phrases that don’t pull their weight — than I was with the story.

Luckily, that ticking clock clarifies things. Love it? Time to cut!

I have a feeling that many of the other entrants cut it even closer to the wire than I did…and probably for very similar reasons. So, may the best sprinter win!

What terrific things do you accomplish under tight deadlines?


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