I missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19), but this isn’t a retroactive tribute. It’s annoyance at my inability to move forward.

I’ve been avoiding Julia. It’s rather difficult to dodge someone who lives in your head, but I’ve done a fairly decent job…promising to think about her plight before bed then quickly drifting off instead.

In this case, to move forward, I have to take two steps back. I’m going over my last few scenes. They are heavy on dialogue, they are moving the story forward, they are heavy on mom. Julia is in the scene, in fact, she put the scenes into action, but then she fades into the wallpaper and lets mom take over. This isn’t good. She needs to step up more.

However, all of the mom in the scene is the backbone of what’s going on. So, my steps back are going over the scene again and pulling Julia forward…making her present and visible in the scenes. Perhaps then I’ll have a clearer idea of what’s supposed to fill the next few blank pages.

2 thoughts on “Arg

  1. Interesting…….I suppose a lot of the outcome depends on the POV you choose to write with. I’m reading Wolf Hall, and she gets away with dipping in and out of peoples’ heads. Something not many writers can do.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Jennifer! I’m not trying to move in and out of POV, but I’m curious to see someone else handle it.

    I’m writing in 3rd person, so I should be describing all players in the scene more. No excuses!

    I appreciate you stopping by.

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