Games on a Plane


The letter X above a tic-tac-toe board What I will be doing in a few hours, for about eight hours. All while flying far above your heads. Yes, I am that talented.

Since the only place in the world that has the internet which allows me to log on to my blog is right here on my couch, I have an air tight reason for not posting for the next week or so. I’ll be away from said couch, exploring the Netherlands and eating all the cheese, chocolate and frites that they will allow.

My own personal goal was to finish draft two of Julia before November. While I still have 24 hours to that goal, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I failed (I know, I know, quitters never win and winners never quit). So, instead of playing tic-tac-toe or airplane magazine Sudoku (why are only the Diabolical levels empty when I get the magazine?), I will stare at that scary blank page and figure out what comes next. I plan to return to you brimming with posts like “Canals are like writing because…” or “Writers are a lot like tourists because…” or  “I love cheese and chocolate.”

Any places (foreign or domestic) that inspired your writing? Or drawing? Or acting? Or just inspired you period?

PS We have a vote against Times New Roman in our font wars (Comic Sans Strikes Back). Courtesy of the Rally to Restore Sanity as reported by BuzzFeed.

God hates Times New Roman

#89 in the 100 Best Signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity


2 thoughts on “Games on a Plane

  1. bethfinke

    I do my best writing when I’m in a place without wi-fi. Which makes me think — why am I leaving you this comment? You won’t be able to read it without wi-fi!
    Maybe I should get to my writing instead…

  2. Wi-fi can certainly be an evil time-suck.

    But it turns out that international in-flight entertainment might be worse. I learned Dutch, watched some TV and played Tetris…not a word was written.

    The road to not getting published is paved with good intentions.

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