Meet Wilma

Lego haunted house and cemetery, complete with trick or treaters

Haunted House Complete Display by Bill Ward's Brickpile CC 3.0

Back in September, I posted about wanting to write a comedy for NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction contest. So, I listened to Beth’s comments and ditched my nascent comedy dreams and plowed forward. I wrote and revised, and added and slashed. I think there was even a temper tantrum or two when people weren’t getting it (i.e. my writing wasn’t clear). But, finally, it was in shape enough to submit.

Recently, NPR announced the winner of the Three-Minute Fiction contest. Congrats to ‘Roosts’ by Zach Brockhouse. You can read it or hear it here on NPR’s site.

And if you’re interested in my story, Where Roses Grow, you can find it on NPR’s site! That’s right, I made it onto their site! Of course, I was clueless about this until today…which is probably for the better since I would have been obsessively checking the comments (a lively debate on my ending spiraled into a lively debate on the Juan Williams scandal towards).

4 thoughts on “Meet Wilma

  1. Jackie

    This is incredible — congratulations! Even though I’ve read the piece before, I found myself rereading it repeatedly after seeing all the commenters’ interpretations so I could see it through their eyes. People are passionate about your piece and its characters, which is such a testament to your writing abilities.

    So which contest are you entering next? You’ve got momentum now!

    • It was interesting to be so far removed from the comments (since I found it late and couldn’t butt in!). I think I expected people to be harsher. Even the people who didn’t like the piece gave very good, useful feedback.

      I was also surprised by the Sleeping Beauty allusion that someone found…but it works! Happy accident?

      Hmm, I don’t know what’s next. Suggestions?

    • Zach,

      Thank you so much!

      Congratulations again on your win. You has such wonderful descriptions in your story. I especially liked “milk in an owl-shaped glass”…that really stuck with me.


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