Snow flakes over a blue background

Free Blue Blizzard Texture by inspire*dream*create CC 3.0

We just got home from a harrowing drive through white-out conditions. Snow covered the road, essentially erasing the lines. At times, we couldn’t see more than a car length ahead. It was one of those situations where going forward was dangerous, but stopping was even worse.

The road should have been closed. We saw around 10 spin-outs: a semi plowed into a fence, an overturned U-Haul, the car in front of us doing a 180…for example. The upside, if it can be called that, is that the police cars that were at each accident provided beacons for us. We may not have been able to see the edge of the road, but we knew that if we inched toward the flashing lights, we were good.

Sometimes, I feel like my writing is like that. The big picture is too unimagined and open, so I can only write from scene to scene. While it’s easier to focus on one scene at a time, it’s scary not knowing what comes next (although, also much less life-threatening). But it’s also one of those situations where stopping is more dangerous than plowing ahead because putting the story down to think about it would kill all momentum and the story might die.

I’m feeling a little bit like that with Julia right now. Just taking it scene to scene. And starting to freak out because the end should be coming up around the bend….hope I can see it in time to stop!

PS Thanks to my husband for driving and getting us home safely…wanna take Julia for a spin?

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