Hit Me


What do old love, love song, hi-fi and Mister Magoo have in common? They’re the keywords that generate the most visits to this blog. And they’re all associated with pictures I’ve used. While the images are certainly striking visuals and, apparently, highly Googled terms, they aren’t exactly representative of what I blog about.

I wonder how many of you, if any, stumbled upon my blog because of those terms and actually stuck around. Any of you? (Crickets?)

Since we’re heading into the new year, it seems like a good time to evaluate this blog. What’s working or not working for you?

After reviewing a few of my older posts, I seem to whine about not making deadlines and not finishing…and then proceed to not make deadlines and not finish (I smell a resolution). Perhaps a little less of that…unless of course, that leaves you breathless on the edge of your seat. Will she make it this time?

Thanks to all of you who dropped by this past year! Have a terrific New Year’s Eve and see you in 2011!


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