Prozac Anyone?


Earlier this week, I talked about how I felt like I was over my head while writing a new scene for a short story. My mc has dementia and this new scene is pre-dementia.

I gotta tell you, I’m scared.

This is rocky new territory. A new character? That’s easy to write. A changed character? At least I’d have some warm up scenes. But this, this is…frightening.

I have a vision for what needs to happen in the scene: we see what started the animosity between two characters. I know the emotions that need to be expressed: fear, loss and anger.

But I keep slipping back into my old character patterns. I know that pre-d Ephraim would do X, however that is so contrary to post-d Ephraim, that I feel I’m writing him wrong, that I’m not being true to my character.

Every time I write a sentence, I want to delete it…and more often than not, I do. And yet, this scene in its very sketchy form is almost twice as long as the rest of my other scenes. I’m starting to feel long-winded in addition to fearful and disloyal.

Yeesh, it’s almost enough to make me eager to work with Julia’s sister Suzanne again.

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