Comic Sans +1


Comic Sans may have struck another blow against doubters…but since it’s using a cutesy hammer, does the blow hurt that much?

This article in Seed Magazine (thanks The Smart Set) talks about the new research which shows that people reading Comic Sans have better recall precisely because it is harder to read. Harder to read = more concentration = better recall.

I agree with the author Dave Munger, these tests, and ones performed earlier that showed cleaner typefaces as getting people more excited, were using samples that had distinctly different purposes. And, I’d posit, both studies were situations where people had to read what they were given.

If I see a brochure, poster or website written in Comic Sans, I don’t bother reading it. I am pre-disposed to not even bother with it, so, ultimately, I won’t be able to recall anything. Am I unusual in my Comic Sans filter? Probably not. But I’m probably not in the majority either.

I beat upon Comic Sans a lot…but there are other pet peeves out there. What font, stock photo, headline style makes you walk on by?

Tangential Thought: In writing group, a graphic novelist turned prose author insists on writing each person’s dialogue in different fonts. It’s really bugging me. I know it’s an artifact from his past writing life and he’s nervous enough about the switch to prose that I don’t want to throw this at him right now, but deargodpleasestop!


3 thoughts on “Comic Sans +1

  1. Good grief, Cam. 🙂 I don’t visit your blog for a while, come back to check, and you are STILL going on about Comic Sans.

    OK, for the record, my FAVORITE font, ever? Book Antiqua. I don’t know why, but for my money, if I have to type it or read it, Book Antiqua is the one for me.

    However, I shall continue to stand in defiance of all of you who hate Comic Sans. It’s CUTE dammit! 😀 What’s wrong with you people?! Enjoy life! Type in Comic Sans! You’ll feel better! 😀 Step out of your comfort zone, feel the wind blowing through your hair, throw caution to the wind and use Comic Sans! Ah! See how carefree you are now???

    (OK, you know I love you… even if you remain a Comic Sans hater… 😉 ).

  2. Great, now my hair is all messed up 😦

    And since writing about my hatred for silly fonts is the only way to get you to comment…I do what I have to do.

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